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Direct moxa/moxibustion is a heat application treatment on the acupuncture points on skin directly with the use of a herb called "Moxa".

In moxibustion, usually a grain-size cone of moxa or dry yellow spongy substance made from a herbal plant "mugwort " is placed on the acupoints with shiunko cream and lit with an incense stick. The patient experiences a very comfortable sensation of heat

Moxibustion in general has more or less the same efficacy as acupuncture. However, medical experiments have shown that moxibustion exerts much wider and stronger effect on overall biochemical changes in the body than acupuncture

• warm acupuncture points and promote the smooth flow of qi (also known as chi or ch'i ) which refers to energy flow) and blood.
• boost the effect of acupuncture treatments
• it increases the produciton of red blood cells, white blood cells and haemoglobin
• it improves lymph circulations
• it is more effective for internal chronic ailments than acupuncture
• improve the immune system, (killer T-cells)
• stimulate pelvic blood-flow
• prevent disease & maintain health
• help cancer patients sustain their red blood cell count and strengthen their immune systems during radiation treatment.

Because of stronger effects on the overall biochemical changes, especially in blood components and immune system, moxibustion is much more effective for various chronic diseases of internal organs

Effectiveness in the conditions below:
• bronchial asthma
• chronic gastroenteritis
• chronic pelvic inflammation
• febrile disease
• hypertension
• low blood pressure
• menopause
• menstrual disorders
• neurasthenia
• peptic ulcers
• pulmonary tuberculosis
• reduced blood viscosity
• rheumatism of muscles and joints
• simple & infantile diarrhea
• thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease) common in Reynaud’s disease

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